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IT is remarkable to think that the art of oriental rug making has changed so little in the last 3,000 years. Well we are taking a few chances and making a few changes. Oriental Rug Mart takes great pride in offering their customers a unique and enduring art form. Orietnal Rug Mart has reinvented paintings by master artists into oriental rugs.  First artist, French painter, Paul Reynard. The Paul Reynard Collection consists of limited edition renderings of world-renowned artist Paul Reynard’s paintings. Each piece has been reproduced as hand-knotted rug made with hand-spun and naturally-dyed wool pile.

This limited-run, exclusive rug collection consists of hand-knotted reproductions of some paintings by Paul Reynard. This selection of reproduced work was handpicked by Paul’s wife, Ellen Reynard, and each has been named and numbered corresponding to its appearance in Paul Reynard’s book Works in America. Each piece is hand knotted in Nepal with hand spun and naturally-dyed Himalayan wool. A maximum of 78 copies of each rug will be made to order and numbered:  Paul Reynard was born in Lyon, France in 1927. In his teens, he apprenticed with the painter Claude Idoux and later moved to Paris to work for three years under Fernand Leger at the Academy des Beaux-Arts. After school, he worked with architects, designers, and craftspeople, before turning his energies toward developing his painting. In 1968, Reynard moved to New York.

" can recognize the difference between personal images of individual fantasy and the trace left by an experience received from a different level of reality", quote Paul Reynard.

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