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The name SELVA stands for creativity, variety, and Italian handicraft quality. Founded in 1968 by Peppi Selva as a family operation, over the course of the years the company has developed into a brand appreciated worldwide and a reliable partner, be it in the retail branch or the hospitality sector. To reach that point, it has been the very special interplay of tradition and modernity and that famous “Transitional” that provides the very particular SELVA touch. And it is the love for handicraft that is tangible in every single piece of furniture. With its headquarters in Bolzano in bilingual South Tyrol and production facilities in Isola Rizza near Verona, SELVA is rooted in two cultures, and it is taken for granted how it combines traditional German reliability and precision work with the Italian feel for creative design.

SELVA‘s headquarters and main administration are located in Bolzano, where the company also presents its furniture for the retail and hospitality sectors in a 3,000 sq.m. (32,000 sq. ft.) showroom. The furniture is produced and stored in the production facilities in Isola Rizza near Verona, with a large amount of work still being done by hand by local workshops. It is exported to more than fifty countries. Thanks to advanced logistics, SELVA is capable of serving all international markets, down to the most remote regions. SELVA makes its presence known at a variety of international tradeshows in the furnishing sector, such as in Cologne, Milan, Moscow, and High Point, USA, as well as at tradeshows in the hotel sector.

The fact that the furniture manufacturer is so successful is due not least to Philipp Selva, President and CEO of SELVA, who continues the legacy of his father withgreat commitment. But with the use of innovative product ideas, unusual marketingmeasures, and bold advertising campaigns, Philipp Selva has also managed to lead hiscompany into a new era, making it the trendsetter in the sector within just a few years.The founding of SELVA Middle East, the growth of SELVA Hospitality into the premiumaddress for hotel furnishings, the SELVA Stores throughout the entire world, the PhilippSelva Home brand that was conceived in 2009, and the cooperation with such topcompanies as Swarovski – all of this has made it abundantly clear to what degree thehead of the company is imbued with a tremendous thirst for action. Today, SELVA is actually a completely different company than it was just ten years ago: more modern,more dynamic, and with an immense spirit of innovation, yet forever rooted in the evolved traditions and values that made it strong
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