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New York,  September 24,  2012 – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has selected Richard Shemtov, President of Dune, to design the new public seating for their

museum lobby.  Richard was commissioned directly by MoMA for the difficult task of designing custom

site-specific seating to accommodate the museum’s 10,000+ daily visitors.  

His groundbreaking new design, titled “UNITY”, is a sculptural form that is modular,

non-directional and when multiplied creates endless configurations. ”For this project, the last thing I wanted to do was to create a distracting design that would compete with the artwork for attention.” says Shemtov. 

The scale and proportions were also a huge consideration due to the vast open spaces, soaring ceiling heights and columns that the design had to integrate with. “There was no other designer who better understood the purpose and vision of this project as well as the interior design aesthetic we envisioned,” says MoMA’s communications department.
“Most museum seating is linear or forward facing, usually towards the walls where the artwork is hung; however, with the wavy form of the UNITY design you can choose where you want to sit and view the art from different vantage points. Guests could also lounge with a large group of friends or sit alone and meet someone new. A key component was to foster social interaction among the museum’s visitors” says Shemtov.    

The UNITY seating series will be locally fabricated by Dune at their Harrison NJ factory. The installation is scheduled for Christmas 2012.

About Richard Shemtov
Richard Shemtov is the founder and president of Dune. He has been designing furniture since 1998. Many of his designs have been featured in design publications and his products are placed in thousands of homes and offices worldwide.
Shemtov has introduced a new level of daring, innovation, and quality to contemporary furniture design. Blending an emphasis on functionality with a keen perception of changes in technology and culture, he remains open to taking risks and driving change.

In 2008 and 2010 he was honored with the Interior Design Magazine Best of the Year Award for best guest seating with his OSS Project and Harry Allen’s Pipeline.

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