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Designing to Live Sustainably  

 Buffalo, and the Buffalo-Niagara Region, are poised to leapfrog overbuilt cities with the region’s overdeveloped land and resources, to sustainability. We, as a community can make that happen.

 On May 18th, 2013 Designing to Live Sustainably (d2ls),a non-profit group of community change leaders, is hosting a highly inclusive design competition and awards gala at the CEPA Gallery in downtown Buffalo to inspire the public and private sectors, and our youth, to start a dialogue on how developing sustainability in Buffalo will create long-term environmental, social, economic and cultural benefits, reestablishing our city as the Queen City.

 This innovative competition is open to anyone with a vision on how to build a better Buffalo and welcomes participants to collectively improve the city through radical collaboration. It is our feeling that the essential and fundamental change that living sustainably requires can only emerge through a conversation. D2LS is opening this dialogue.

 D2LS seeks designs from every demographic and discipline to be catalysts to drive this conversation. From interiors and new or adaptive re-use built environment to landscape and site plans.

 The competition, celebration of design, and the conversation needs and welcomes interior designs. We know that it is necessary to see innovative ways for living sustainably in homes and apartments that are much smaller, even “tiny” compared to the old “McMansion” mentality, and innovative public gathering places where the community, the neighbors, can come together.


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