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Going out at home. New social trends have combined with shifts in technology to transform the way we socialise.
Rather than going out, people are increasingly choosing to recreate the experiences of the outside into their homes,
nurturing various business opportunities too

There are a number of trends underway impacting the decline of these types of nightlife venues.

One is the rise of a stay-at-home culture, or what is being called home-tainment, skipping going out to drink and staying in to drink instead.
A recent survey from wine app Vivino found that almost half (47%) of Millennials and 61% of GenX and Boomers would rather drink wine at home
than at social gatherings, restaurants or wineries. The survey found that only 3% named bars as their favorite place to drink wine.
Another survey from yPulse found that almost 3 in 4 (73%) of 18-33-year-olds agreed they would rather stay in on the weekends than go out at night.
Think about it, why wouldn't they with all technology that makes it possible to do everything at home? Today, from the comfort of our lounge chairs,
we have access to online streaming, dating apps, social media, multiple large screen TV video options, restaurant food delivery, and so much more.
So not only do we have drinking, food and entertainment options at home at a much more affordable prices, but with social media and apps,
we can socialize with friends and family at other locations. Not quite the same as face-to-face socialization, but it is a growing alternative.



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