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ARTIST RECEPTION: “New Arcadia” Paintings by Kurt Moyer
Friday, December 7th 6-9 pm
AXOM Gallery, 176 Anderson Ave. Rochester, NY 14607

“The concept of Arcadia — which in art alludes to the Utopian vision of pastoralism — is not a new one. Originally a region in ancient Greece, the name has been adopted by countless modern places and is used to reference longing for peaceful perfection in works that range from literature to music, film, and fine art. AXOM Gallery's new exhibit, "Kurt Moyer: New Arcadia," is a solo exhibition of paintings celebrating the figure frolicking in the idyllic landscape, dwelling contentedly in that perfect, eternal moment.”
Excerpt from City Newspaper, ART: New Arcadia by Rebecca Rafferty

Hillside Bathers, 2012
Oil on Linen
20 x 20 inches

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