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Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co.

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Written by Renee Dustman
Imagery by Courtesy of Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co.

The success of any building project starts with your supply chain.A well-diversified supplier can reduce the number of vendors you must coordinate, making it easier to meet quality, cost, and scheduling targets. It also can ensure a coordinated effort among installations and a uniform appearance in the final build.

Seek a Well-Diversified Supplier
Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co. is a prime example. This long-standing Rochester-based company offers a full range of products and services for both commercial and residential new construction, remodeling, and renovation projects under its two brick-and-mortar divisions: Wm. B. Morse & Sons and Morse Sash & Door.
    Wm. B. Morse & Sons offers a complete inventory of building materials. From 48-foot laminated veneer lumber beams to barrel ceiling trusses, to dimensional lumber and woodsiding products, Wm. B. Morse & Sons is capable of fulfilling even the most challenging of supply lists.
    To fulfill the rest of your materials list, Morse Sash & Door offers a complete line of interior and exterior finishing products, custom millwork, and kitchen design and project management services.
    Adding to this diversification, on December 8, 2016, Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co. announced the acquisition of Rochester Lumber. The East Rochester location will remain open as a building supply and hardware source for the community.

Count on Experience and Commitment
This level of diversification doesn’t happen overnight. In business since 1853, Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co. has accumulated five generations of experience and dedication to the business of supplying building solutions and materials, and has become an indelible resource in the Rochester community.
    “Our commitment to providing up-to-date, modern products and support combined with that time-tested ability to serve the building industry is our heritage and makes the Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co. a valuable partner for the future,” Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co. President Walter Morse said.

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Wm. B. Morse Lumber Co.

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