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Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

Color and Pattern:
The Secret to Revealing VitalityIf a room’s style could evoke the freshness of new rain, the demure sparkle of a crisp snowfall, and the sleekness of modern sensibilities, a recent project by Robert Reeder, of Robert Reeder Interiors, would certainly qualify. Step inside and you feel a harmonizing balance of vibrancy and tranquility. Nothing hints of the room’s dated past. Reeder’s secret? Color, patterns, and simplicity.

A Humble Start
Often, when homeowners want to reinvent a space, the project takes dramatic steps. Removing walls and expanding the footprint are not uncommon measures. What makes this transformation all the more remarkable is the fact that Reeder achieved it with purely cosmetic applications.
    A throwback to the 1970s, the Weldwood paneling painted in a deep hunter green gave the space a near cavelike appearance. Maple floors coordinated with maple beams were set across a white ceiling imitating a coffered architecture. Furniture, window coverings, and knickknack placements were drab, unbalanced, and cluttered.
    “This was a young millennial couple,”  says Reeder.  “Less is more was the statement at hand. They wanted things that were simple, yet rich with character.It was a process to reinvent the room.”     
A Cosmetic Makeover
Reeder started by meeting with the homeowners and discussing their likes, dislikes and lifestyle. Because they wanted more simplicity, Reeder got creative in how he ultimately established a room that feels rich and robust.
    Reeder started by removing the paneling, installing dry wall, and adding crown molding. Three walls were painted a light, warm gray. A single accent wall punctuates the neutral demeanor with an exciting wall covering in which a series of glass beads appear to wave over a metallic background. The appearance changes based on the light reflected from the outside. 
    With the addition of a bluish gray sofa, a blue and white ottoman, and two banquettes in a deep, steel gray, the room adopted a new personality. Bright accent pillows add intensity and can be changed several times throughout the year to amplify the natural glow of each season’s character. Baseboards and trim around the doors were changed and the absence of the ceiling beams helps the room feel cleaner and new.
  Rich statements of turquoise blue contrast beautifully next to a gray, plaid recliner. End tables in a dark, charcoal gray alligator, with nickel-plated nail heads, add additional pattern and texture.

A New Knockout

“How you achieve an interior less filled with accessories and things requires focusing on creating some kind of architecture. Focal points to consider are artwork, sculpture or a highlighted color. And through the upholsteries
and furniture styles, you create the character of the room.” explains Reeder.
    For his part, Reeder carries the wisdom and authority of an experienced and well-bred interior designer. Historic redesigns, new builds, and transformative remodels for all lifestyles and tastes, are abundantly represented in his portfolio.
    From freshening up a current space or working hand-in-hand with your design build team to create a new home or business, Robert Reeder Interiors excels in elegant solutions to your design needs.

Robert Reeder Interiors INC.

34 Lafayette Boulevard
Williamsville, NY 14221