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LightScapes of WNY

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Written by Jane Trabert Schmitt
Imagery by LightScapes of WNY

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

If your home is one of your largest investments and you spend most of your downtime enjoying it, wouldn’t you want to admire it when the sun goes down, as well? Landscape lighting will add interest, drama and beauty to your property while providing safety and security, says Jay Zuppa, an outdoor lighting designer who has transformed homes all over Western New York for clients looking to create a wonderful visual experience on their very own property.
    He offers custom services and unique ideas to illuminate your space, adding value and function while enhancing your family’s enjoyment of the property at night.  From trees to decks, sculptures, fountains and of course the home, he will work with you to achieve your ultimate lighting needs and desires.
    “Our entire business is strictly lighting,” explains Zuppa, owner of LightScapes of WNY.  “I love the entire design process and the dynamic results we can achieve for our clients.”
    The concept of adding the right light to outdoor spaces, both residential and commercial, has long been a passion of his. It doesn’t matter if you have a large property or a modest home with a small yard, every property will look better and be safer by adding exterior lighting.
    “I love to meet with the homeowners when we turn on the lighting system for the first time. They’re blown away and that excitement never gets old,  “Zuppa says.
    The design is the most important part of any lighting installation, and he prides himself on a thorough consultation to get to know the customer and view the property from both outside and inside.
    “We want to expand your living space by placing the correct number of fixtures in the correct locations,“ Zuppa says.
    He stays on trend by attending industry conferences such as the annual LIGHTFAIR International, where the world’s leading manufacturers showcase the latest lighting technology. It is this passion and dedication to customer service that make LightScapes an A+ accredited business by the Better Business Bureau.
    Call us to schedule your free design consultation.

Popular outdoor lighting techniques include:
• Deck lighting to highlight a favorite outdoor entertaining area;
 Moonlighting, which mimics the natural light of the moon by adding a soft, even blanket of light to enhance the ambiance;
•  Silhouette, which is often used in tandem with shadowing to illuminate the shapes of outdoor features;
•  Color-changing systems.

    “We create and deliver lighting portraits while adding layers of security for professionals and caring individuals who take pride in their homes,” the company says. “They can feel a sense of safety, along with increasing the value of the property in which they live.”  

LightScapes of WNY

104 Woodland Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086