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Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Courtesy of G & G Fitness Equipment

When it comes to investing in gym equipment, the anatomy of design plays a key role in your motivation to pursue your fitness goals. Understanding this anatomy and translating it into your personalized home workout space is G & G Fitness Equipment’s specialty. With a history built on providing world class equipment and designing gym spaces from tiny-sized to luxury-level, G & G Fitness Equipment supports your healthy aspirations.

Movement Matters – Founded by an athlete, G & G Fitness Equipment carries only the top brands of workout machines equipped with the latest technologies. Cardio machines come loaded with interactive dashboards, virtual trainers, and Bluetooth entertaining capabilities. Most important, machine mechanics are designed for correct movement.
   “Our equipment is biomechanically and structurally sound. Our experts will fit you with the right equipment for your body and teach you how to get the most from it,” explains Lisa Johnson, G & G Fitness Marketing Strategist.

Gearing Up – Before you purchase, meet with a G & G Fitness representative to discuss your fitness goals and test the equipment. Their representatives are certified personal trainers and fitness equipment experts who ask the right questions on topics such as potential health restrictions, kinesiology, competitive goals (if any), and even injury care, among others.
   A G & G representative will even come to your home at no charge to assess your space and make sure there is proper clearance both above and around installations. Small space solutions, such as a rower that folds up to the size of a chair, to full-sized aerobic equipment and free weights suitable for a dedicated gym room, are all available. From single mats to expansive custom designs, flooring needs are, quite literally, covered.

Ongoing Support – After your purchase, there is a 30-day, worry-free price match guarantee. Plus, G & G will install your equipment and provide ongoing support and maintenance. Cleaning, preventative care, and even moving your machines after years of ownership are all services offered by G & G’s award-winning, in-house service team.
   “We handle every detail for you. You can even call for workout recommendations. Your goal is our goal,” says Johnson.
   The fitness equipment experts at G & G Fitness are here to help you reach your fitness goals, from concept to completion. Isn’t your health worth it?

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