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Written by Renee Dustman
Imagery by Design Pool & Spa

Chill Out with a Gunite Pool

Imagine you’re on vacation: There’s plenty of sun, a warm breeze, and you’re lounging in a shady spot by the pool, sipping your favorite cocktail. Island music and the sound of water, gracefully flowing over a rock formation, are lulling you into a new level of tranquility. Or maybe your kids’ favorite jams are blasting while the entire family enjoys a vigorous game of pool volleyball. No judgment; this is your vacation, after all.
    The problem with vacations is that they’re few and far between. Why limit your fun to two weeks a year when you can live like you’re on vacation all summer long in the comfort of your own home?

Take an Extended Vacation in Your Backyard
Apparently everyone has been asking that question lately because backyard retreats are all the rage, according to Design Pool & Spa, in Fairport.
    “Over the last few years, we’ve seen the average pool buyer’s priorities shift from simply wanting to keep cool during the summertime, to now cultivating a full-blown experience with the pool surrounded by trees and other natural cover, fire pits, and even outdoor kitchens,” says Bucky Frusco, head of residential sales at DPS.
    “Recently we’ve been building a lot of freeform shapes with raised sections, tanning ledges, fountains and such – each playing their own little part in the homeowners’ fantasy-turned-reality,” says Frusco. Gunite is steel-reinforced concrete that is applied pneumatically (with compressed air). The beauty of gunite is it can be shaped to any specification, allowing you to have a pool or spa any size and shape you want, in virtually any location. “The result is a unique place to relax, party, or perhaps a little bit of both!”
    Whether you envision a natural setting that lends itself to your surroundings or an ultra-modern retreat with all the bells and whistles, DPS can help to create the backyard of your dreams. According to Frusco, “The possibilities are just about endless.”

Pick a Team that Can Fulfill Your Dream
Design Pool & Spa is a third-generation, family-run business that first set up shop in Western New York in 1968. You can view some of their recent projects and download their free Building Your Dream Pool homeowner’s guide at, or visit their full-service store. 

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