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Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Couresty of Digital Audio Visual Environments

For high value home theater, audio, and home automation products and services coupled with reliable expertise and advice, go see DAVE. If you go, the owner, David Lane, may personally help you, but whoever helps you, will be DAVE.
  “We are a team of personal DAVE specialists,” explains Lane.
For more than 30 years, DAVE, formerly known as The Stereo Shop, has provided Central and Western New Yorkers with dependable expertise and products for their audio visual needs.
  But Lane recognized that increasingly, his team is playing the role of technology concierge. He decided to change the name and organize his services to reflect this position and the responsibilities that go with it.
Here’s what you can expect from DAVE:
Expertise and advice from non-commissioned sales people who will make sure you get the right product at a competitive price.
• DAVE offers the products you need for complete smart home automation. Customized home networking, security systems, home theaters, lighting control, HVAC, motorized shades and blinds – anything and everything related to a home’s audio and visual systems.

Installation services that ensure you are getting the full value out of your product and its features.
• DAVE integrates your technology and connects the features taking the headache out of the installation process. “Instead of ten different apps with isolated functions, we have one app that does everything,” says Lane. “The burden is on the installation team NOT the homeowner.”

A new Lifetime Support program.
• As technology becomes increasingly inter-connected and complex, there are more areas where issues may arise in the hardware, network, or service provider (e.g., Netflix, Apple TV, streaming and connectivity with your smart devices). When your product and installation come from DAVE, you simply make one phone call. The DAVE team will take care of it and DAVE’s Lifetime Support service program will cover it.
  “We have personified the business. We are not a voicemail system or a faceless company,” says Lane. “If you need help, just come see DAVE.”


40 Jay Scutti Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14623