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Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

Think of those you admire – individuals who inspire or motivate you with their actions, ideas, and words. These people share a common characteristic: they leave things better than when they found them. This maxim is the guiding principle of Carol Schaper, owner of Carol Schaper Interiors.
   Certainly, the idea of better is subjective. A lengthy discussion with Schaper reveals how her process definitively improves a client’s space. She also shares what she does for clients, and common misconceptions about interior designers.

A Progressive Process
Pinpointing a sense of style is like trying to a hit a moving target. For starters, a word such as “modern” means different things to different people. Instead of discussing style, Schaper engages clients into a conversation about ideas, preferences, tastes, and lifestyle. Instead of asking what they want a room to look like, she’ll ask what they want it to do, thus creating a space that revolves around their personal lives.
   “Clients may not know what it is they like. I try and offer something unexpected. I make spaces unique to the individual purely by not focusing on a particular style,” explains Schaper, who prides herself on helping people find and expand their tastes. “I provide the resources and experience to help them express it,” says Schaper.
   After initial discussions, Schaper begins her research and helps her clients explore options and creativity in ways that a store’s vignette cannot match.
   Budget is also a key consideration. While respecting clients’ budgets, Schaper also has a talent for helping them realize their investment can get them a higher level of design than what they originally anticipated. That higher level of design may include artisan-produced pieces. Stained glass, ceramics, forged iron, and woodworks from local, talented artisans have made their way into clients’ homes.

Overcoming Misconceptions
There is one barrier between most people and using an interior designer. The idea that an interior designer is exclusively for large, glorious, expensive homes is pervasive and difficult to shake. But some of Schaper’s most beloved projects have revolved around single rooms and even a petite home of 1,200 square feet. Schaper is also experienced in designing commercial and professional spaces.
   “People should know I do ALL sizes and types of projects!” says Schaper emphatically. She adds, “People deserve to have the satisfaction of developing their own personal tastes and expressing themselves in their own space with originality.”
   With Carol Schaper Interiors, your improved space for your idea of better is exactly what you’ll find, without the guesswork and stress that can come from attempting to do it yourself.


5128 West Parkway
Hamburg, NY 14075