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Why think SMALL in a small bath?

Written by Kayla Alba
Imagery by Courtesy of Buffalo Plumbing Showroom

Western New York is full of beautiful old homes that have been standing on their foundations for generations. We love them and cherish their old world feel; what we don’t love, is their pint-sized bathrooms. But never let that discourage you! Your dream bathroom is not out of reach. Many of the manufacturers offer an array of space-saving and techy options that can make your small dream a reality.
   Let’s start with the toilet. The most popular configuration is the comfort height, elongated bowl. Brands like Kohler and Gerber have the compact elongated bowl to save those precious inches, without sacrificing desirable comfort. Opting for a skirted trap-way or wall hung toilet are great solutions for cleaning around tight spaces.
  Another important piece to a bathroom is the sink. Pedestals are a common solution, but having a vanity for storage is key. Companies like Fairmont, Ronbow and Fleurco offer petite sizes that can be furniture style or wall mounted. Some measure as small as only 16 inches deep!
   A common misconception is that your dream freestanding tub must be the first to go when designing a very small bath. Here’s a solution to consider: a freestanding tub that accommodates a deck-mounted tub filler! There are so many styles available today to help achieve this setup for any design aesthetic.
   Is a freestanding tub still not quite right for you? No worries, a corner shower from MAAX, Kohler or Fleurco will look stunning with clear glass doors and your own tile design. They come in sizes from 32 to 42 inches in square, neo-round and neo-angle footprints.
   Now for the fun stuff. Technology in the home is inevitably rising and now it helps simplify the products in your bath. Get more features and less clutter from the help of a digital shower. The thought of putting digital and shower together may be scary, but have no fear. Trusted brands like Kohler and Moen offer safe and streamlined digital control panels that are touch activated and water proof. By using your “U by Moen” or “DTV” system by Kohler, you can customize your ideal showering experience. Both are taking things one step further by pairing with products you may already have. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit give you the ability to use your voice as a control. With these new products, Kohler and Moen put the power in you to create an effortless environment throughout your home.
   Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and reinvent your small space or you’re more comfortable making little changes, the possibilities are out there. Never let your small or awkward bath discourage you. You can find the products that fit!

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