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What’s in a Color

Written by Mark March
Imagery by Visionary Baths and More

It is said that the human eye can distinguish over seven million colors! That is an incredible number to think about. What is also amazing is how colors impact our lives every day. Colors can soothe or distract. They influence and shape our mood, and are visual emotions of who we are.
    Many of the trends for 2020 in the Kitchen and Bath arena begin with the fashion industry.  The colors that we wear translate into paint and fabrics that designers and manufacturers introduce. The key to a beautiful and well-defined home is how those colors integrate with the color pairing of fixtures and faucets.
    In the end, it is all about you, your personality and how you express yourself. Colors have been associated with certain connotations; white is usually peaceful, modern, and minimalist. Red represents passion or danger, and gold implies royalty, wealth and tradition. Faucet manufacturers spend countless hours seeking inspiration balanced with manufacturing capabilities for production.  Their intent is to offer finishes such as polished nickel, “Luxe Gold” and matte black to complement anchor colors of the room and environment. Do you want that room to have a modern feel?  Elegant? Baroque?
Every element of the room contributes toward what our eyes see.
    Express and define the room with rules — yours. It is alright to have mixed metals (stainless steel and matte black); it is acceptable to be abstract or have dreamlike color patterns.  Whether you consult with a professional interior designer or enlist the help of your best friend, it is your style and your expression that defines the elements of the space. What matters is that you will most likely look at the space every single day.
    So have fun, be yourself and love the room you are in.                                         

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“You don’t need decoration. You need an exquisite collection of furniture, fabrics, art, lighting, and personal effects.“