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Transforming Renovation

Written by Samantha Ferris, Buffalo Plumbing Showroom
Imagery by Buffalo Plumbing Showroom

As trends shift to remodeling over building new, homeowners are discovering, with the use of modern plumbing innovations, they can create the bathroom or kitchen of their dreams with a little creativity and a lot of exciting new products in a space they already call home.

For the Kitchen:
The biggest trend right now is the farmhouse sink. The classic style gives any kitchen a charming and homey feel. Everyone wants this look, but can they have it without purchasing new cabinetry? YES! Thanks to Kohler, who offers cast iron and stainless steel apron front sinks with a short apron and Self-Trimming® feature. This feature allows the sink to be retrofitted into an existing cabinet. Kohler also offers top-mount and under-mount versions that are compatible with any type of countertop you may be considering.
    Potfiller faucets are a simple, sophisticated upgrade, especially if you have a large kitchen workspace. They can be mounted on the wall or on the counter, and make it very convenient to fill up large pots and pans without having to take them to the sink to fill. They come in multiple finishes to coordinate with your kitchen faucet and accessories. Installing a potfiller is a way to add a definite “wow” factor to any kitchen.
    If you really want to impress your guests, the Grohe Blue kitchen faucet is for you. It offers an instant upgrade with chilled and sparkling water straight from the tap. The faucet is a contemporary design with a high performance filter, cooler and carbonator. The right lever
on the faucet is used as your standard hot and cold mixer. A single turn of the left handle gives you fresh and cooled water. It even has two settings for sparkling water. If you love enter-taining, or just enjoy sparkling water, this faucet is a must-have for your kitchen upgrade.

For the Bathroom:
Freestanding bathtubs are on everyone’s wish list this year. People love the look, the ease of cleaning and the luxurious feel of a free standing bath. The major setback for many homeowners is the size of their bathroom. Many freestanding tubs are 66 to 72 inches long and take up too much square footage in a bathroom that is small to begin with. Now companies like Fluerco, Maax, Kohler, and Maidstone offer freestanding bathtubs measuring 55 to 62 inches making them much more realistic for a small bathroom. So, if you have been dreaming
of a freestanding bath, but worried your bathroom is too small, it is not!
   Everyone has been to a hotel with a shower that they will never forget. Homeowners dream of having that luxurious experience in their own home, where they can sit down, relax and enjoy the warm water after a long day. Now companies like Kohler, Fluerco and Aquatic make that possible by offering shower bases with a built-in seat. These acrylic bases come in multiple sizes, usually 60 inches, to replace a standard bathtub. A simple upgrade to a seated shower base, along with a couple of body sprays or a rain showerhead, can bring the spa experience right into your home.
    From TV shows like Fixer Upper to the endless pages of inspiration on Pinterest, homeowners have never been more excited to update and upgrade their homes. Sometimes the thought of remodeling can be overwhelming, but with the assistance of the professional sales and design staff at Buffalo Plumbing Showroom, bringing your dreams to life can be stress free and fun!
    Now that you know about all of these exciting new products, it is time to visit Buffalo Plumbing Showroom, where great ideas flow. 

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