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Top Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2020

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Arthur’s Home Furnishings

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has fueled creativity and innovation in the furniture and accessories responsible for defining these alfresco environments. We now have more options than ever! Let’s explore what’s fresh for 2020.

Light the Way
Lighting isn’t furniture. It is, however, essential for setting the mood and it serves a functional purpose. Portable floor lamps, often considered an indoor element, are making their way outside and anchoring outdoor living rooms. Pendants and string lighting also remain popular. On a more practical note, bulbs covered in a thin layer of rubber provide a safety feature in case one is dropped.

Mixed Materials
With so many materials being used in outdoor furniture now, mixing them is a natural evolution. Look for standard or cast aluminum, wood, wicker, marine grade polymer, partially recycled materials, marine grade ropes and even string furniture.
    “Everyone is creating combinations to make the look more interesting,”  says Wendy Bailey, Store Manager at Arthur’s Home Furnishings. Bailey attended Casual Market Chicago, an annual destination event showcasing all things related to outdoor and casual living.
    Bailey was impressed with new lines from CabanaCoast® using a rope-style weave reminding her of the oversized knits used in throw blankets. Jensen Leisure is another company using mixed materials such as woven fabrics with wood frames or woven wood with wicker seats.

While in Chicago, Bailey reports seeing a resurgence in rust colors and neutrals with the occasional bright pop of something fun.
    “In summer, people want that splash of cheeriness,” says Bailey.

Firepits have been growing in popularity every year and have graduated from being a side accessory to becoming an outdoor room’s focal point. Many companies are offering versions that are low enough
to allow people to sit and converse over the flames. You’ll also find firepits that are more durable.
     “There are nice propane and aluminum firepits that won’t rust. You just cover it in winter,” says Bailey.

Mixing Indoor and Out
Blending outdoor and indoor spaces has been a consistent trend. Sleek, attractive outdoor furniture can be used to influence a casually elegant vibe in sunrooms or indoor rooms that open up entirely to the outside. Stylish chandeliers and rugs, elements traditionally used indoors, are being designed for outdoor use.

Modular Kitchens
While outdoor kitchens have been around for quite some time, building one usually requires a contractor. Companies are releasing modular, weatherproof kitchen units that can be bolted together. You can have anything from a built-in grill to outdoor sinks.
    “These units are beautiful!” exclaims Bailey. She adds, “Plus, in many cases, it’s more reasonable than a custom-built kitchen.”  

More Features

For years, people have filled their homes with plants — umbrella plants, African violets, all kinds of plants, big and small.

Vertical gardens have long been incorporated into landscapes for their spatial aesthetics and architectural design applications.

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has fueled creativity and innovation in the furniture and accessories responsible for defining these alfresco environments.

Ever wonder how the yard of a neighbor or friend is transformed from a blank slate into an enviable resort-like setting? How do you start the process? Where do you turn?

“You don’t need decoration. You need an exquisite collection of furniture, fabrics, art, lighting, and personal effects.“