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The Top 5 Coolest New Plumbing Products Making Your Home Smarter and More Stylish

Written by Suzanne Pulk
Imagery by Photography Courtesy of Buffalo Plumbing Showroom

1) A Bath That Goes Way Beyond Cleansing – Jason MicroSilk® Technology
Ordinary warm bath water flowing from your faucet will no longer be adequate once you learn about the “fountain of youth” that is Jason’s unique MicroSilk® bathtub. A breakthrough in hydrotherapy, it supersaturates water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles that form a cloud of oxygen in your bath. The negatively-charged microbubbles are small enough to penetrate gently into your pores and bond to impurities for deeper cleansing, without damaging soaps. The increased oxygen level does wonders for your skin. MicroSilk® moisturizes and
plumps skin cells to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it is stimulating the immune system, killing bacteria, and promoting healing. Every bath can be like giving your entire body a facial.

2) Sustainable Style – Ronbow Green Collection  Vanity Cabinets
Environmentally-concerned homeowners will want to explore Ronbow’s handsome, economically-priced vanity cabinetry made from highly renewable strawboard materials. Strawboard has emerged recently as a strong and dense alternative to wood. It’s made of pressure- and heat-compressed wheat or rice straw and
natural resin, so there’s no formaldehyde glue emissions. The extraordinary density allows crisp dovetails and refined profile edges, and also makes it extremely moisture and mold resistant.

3) Like Having An Extra Pair of Hands – Moen’s Arbor Kitchen Faucet with MotionSense™
The whole family will fall in love with the convenience and ease of use of the MotionSense™ kitchen faucet. A simple wave of the hand over the faucet activates the flow of water, another wave shuts it off. Users rate this faucet high for simplicity of installation, quality, good looks, water spot resistant finish, durability, and smooth operation. The pulldown spout delivers an aerated stream, a powerful cleaning rinse, and a pause function.

4) The Simple Way to Upgrade  to a Spa Shower – Kohler’s HydroRail™ Diverter Shower System
Achieve showering luxury without the need to disturb tiled wall or alter any in-wall plumbing. The attractive HydroRail™ simply replaces any existing shower arm, but gives you a positionable rain spray shower head and a hand-held shower with a built-in diverter lever to let you choose the function and the amount of water volume. It’s an instant spa shower renovation without the demolition and the expense.

5) Replace An Unused Bathtub Beautifully – Fluerco Novara Bow-Front Glass Shower Door
If life leaves no time for long soaks in the bathtub and you would rather devote that space in your bathroom to a sleek and modern shower, don’t overlook the Novara. The molded acrylic base and matching smooth-sliding glass door will drop in to the old bathtub’s footprint, but the bowed front elevates this ready-made solution from having the boxed-in feeling of a typical bathtub shower space.

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