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A Textured Lakeside Treat

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

What is a summer day at the Finger Lakes?
Refreshing, clean, scenic – these words come as effortlessly as the breeze that rolls off the hills and across the water. It’s a place for fun, family and revitalization. A newly built, waterfront cottage perfectly delivers picturesque lakeside living that is all at once, a lifestyle and a stylish treat.
    Growing up in Cape Cod and having a summer cottage on the Finger Lake’s site for numerous years gave the owners distinct waterfront living experience. They wanted their new place to 
reflect the Cape’s fresh, coastal style and be designed for the way they liked to spend their lakeside summers.
    They collaborated with Ketmar Development to facilitate creating a cottage that optimizes a casual, summertime vibe. In lieu of formal dining, mealtime occurs at the kitchen island or outdoor porch with automated screens. An upstairs bunkhouse makes sleepovers extra fun. Wet bathing suits and towels are no problem with a tile floor that beautifully mimics wooden planks. All of this graceful functionality is part of the home’s charisma. 
    Aesthetically, the first thing one notices is the sense of clean crispness established by the monochromatic color scheme of whites and natural hues of brown and pale gray. But yet, there is definitive warmth and depth with sophisticated touches of eclectic flair. As you explore the textures you’ll find vintage, urban and farmhouse components.  All of it was carefully planned. Marie Kenton, President of Ketmar Development emphasizes that point. “We took lots of time to make it look so cohesive … so natural, effortless, and beautiful.”
    It starts with an unusual pop of black windows that frame outside views. Window grillwork is restricted to the top half for unimpeded viewing. Beadboard and coffered ceilings nod to the Cape Cod flavor. The kitchen, designed by Heather L. Plano of LA Johnson Company, is the focal point and made prominent by the custom coffered ceiling that follows the fabulously large, T-shaped island. Open shelving and polished subway brick laid up to the ceiling adds more texture to the clean color palette. 
    Antique doors with black, hinged hardware hide the television and refrigerator. Beadboard walls run vertically in the family room but horizontally in the stairway. Urban meets rural in the master bath where subway brick contrasts with the rough surface of the barn wood vanity. The bunk room is a true architectural treasure. Topped with a cupola to bring in more natural light, Ketmar Development had the trim follow the rafters to maximize the ceiling.
    One of the joys of lakeside living is the abundant light. Mirrors of every size and style throughout the 
house remind you of how bright and lovely summer-time can be. Picturesque and full of flavor, the cottage truly is a lakeside treat. 

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