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Test Drive Your Kitchen

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Photography Courtesy of Concept II, Artisan Kitchen and Baths

Countless cooking shows, thousands of food blogs and copious celebrity chefs all underscore one thing – Americans love food. Professional level cookware, appliances and supplies are readily available for aspiring home cooks. Yet, selections and features can be overwhelming. How do you choose? And where do you learn to make the most of the appliances you have?

Innovative kitchen design studios have answered with fully interactive culinary centers. Typically, traditional kitchen showrooms display a full selection of appliances … but nothing is usable. By contrast, an interactive culinary center lets you operate the appliances. Hands-on, personalized cooking classes, wine tastings and pairings hosted by professional chefs allow customers to test drive appliances and techniques in fully functioning kitchens.

For example, many gas ranges currently include convection ovens, simmer burners, quick boil burners and infrared broilers. At a culinary center you can experience how a convection oven fan encapsulates food and cooks it evenly while cutting time. You may discover the multiple benefits of a simmer burner or how to sear meat then switch it to bake. Or you may find that a steam oven has many more uses than you originally thought. If you’re interested in purchasing, a hands-on experience with a specific brand can help you feel more confident, even excited, about your investment. You can also test different lines of knives or pots and pans

Cooking and interacting with others while tasting delicious food and drinks creates a memorable experience. Some culinary centers are enhanced with artisan food stores. Customers are always welcome to browse, explore and enjoy the atmosphere.

Whether you’re purchasing new appliances or wish to fully utilize what you have at home – take a moment to explore our region’s highly reputable kitchen studios and culinary centers. Test driving a kitchen never tasted so good.

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