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Stretching the Possibilities

Written by Rich Nashwinter, Owner, Universal Stretch Surfaces
Imagery by Universal Stretch Surfaces

Have you ever heard of “stretch ceilings?” These were originally developed in Europe during the sixties as an affordable, efficient, and attractive way to hide the sagging, cracked plaster ceilings in old buildings. A PVC or special canvas film is heated and stretched onto a frame. As it cools, it tightens up into a perfectly smooth, taut surface.

New Applications, New Excitement
Surprisingly, stretch ceilings are fairly new to the United States. New technologies enabling a variety of stylistic effects to the application make it ideal for many ceiling and wall styles.
  Stretch ceilings can be made into any shape. Here at Universal Stretch Surfaces, we have created curved structures for barrel, dome, and vault ceilings. Tray ceilings are also popular because they can be achieved without the labor intensive framing.

Stylish Diversity
Matte finishes provide a very traditional look suitable for historic buildings. However, you can choose from hundreds of colors, metallics, or printed options along with a satin, matte, or lacquered finish. The lacquered finish creates an almost mirrorlike, high gloss finish. People often think there is a piece of glass on the ceiling! 
    Additionally, there are several types of translucent films available allowing for soft backlighting. When combined with a printed design, options become endless. Perhaps you want a starry sky for your home theater or an image of what you would see when looking up through the trees to a blue sky.

Other Benefits
Stretch ceilings are more affordable to install than traditional ceilings and they last longer. They are a smarter option in
spaces with water exposure (e.g. bathrooms, hot tubs, pools, and laundry rooms.) The ceilings hold water. If a leak occurs, simply suck up the water and the ceiling is not affected. Never worry about water stains or mold again! Multiple layers of a stretch ceiling also achieve a class A sound absorption rating. 
    Aren’t you ready to replace that tired drop ceiling in the recreation room, install a fun print in the kids’ bedrooms, or cover that popcorn ceiling? Stretch ceilings are installed in a day and are typically half the expense of drywall. It’s time to stretch your imagination to the possibilities! 

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