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Written by Jane Trabert Schmitt
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

Window coverings aren’t needed or desired in this wonderful home set on 8 acres along Canandaigua Lake. And why not? Because they would mar the spectacular view of the water and surrounding hills, the owner says.
   What was needed, however, was a new kitchen that could accommodate her busy family and add some real value that would appeal to buyers when she’s ready to downsize in a few years.
   “We have 2 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats and 11 chickens, and this house was not made for all that,” she said. “It had white tile, brown carpeting and a very small kitchen with a small island and an electric cooktop. And for someone like me who cooks three meals a day and entertains – I have a lot of family in the area – it just wasn’t going to work.”
   She and her husband hired Andy and Holly Lahue of Vineyard Homes to renovate their kitchen and adjoining family room with a “modern farmhouse” concept that was fresh, functional and family friendly. Major items on her wish list included a massive kitchen island, high-end appliances and texture-rich shiplap on the walls.
   “We moved here in May 2015 and I spent two and a half years just figuring out the ways this house worked for us and didn’t work for us. Finally, my husband said, ‘It’s time. Let’s do this.’ And we went out and found Andy and Holly. After about 55 different layouts,” she joked, “we finally decided on one.”
   The focal point is an 8-by-4-foot island topped with a slab of quartz called Calacatta Novus. The polished white quartz with veining was delivered by Imperial Granite and Marble in Rochester and was also used as the backsplash.
   “My kitchen island is like ground central for the family,” the homeowner said. “It’s where we do all of our prep. It’s where the kids do homework. It’s where we decorate dozens and dozens of sugar cookies at Christmas.”
   Another focal point is the family room fireplace.
   “We had a very formal fireplace and it was wood burning. We took off the very outdated, oversized white mantel and put in rounded lake stone,” she said. “Now I have a (locally made) rough-hewn mantel ... and we did shiplap vertically on the fireplace and horizontally on the rest of the wall to create a bit of contrast.”
   The fireplace is a prime example of the attention to detail in this renovation, according to Vineyard Homes.
   “(The homeowner) and I really shopped around for the stone,” Holly Lahue said. “She wanted it to be something that reminded her of going down to the water and picking out stones right from the lake – those colors. We put a lot of thought into the details.”
   The Vineyard Homes team wrapped things up the Friday before Memorial Day 2018, just in time for summer.
   “It’s exactly what we wanted. We love it,” the homeowner said. “When you are going to spend money on something like this, you have to be right about every dollar. I can’t say that enough. You don’t want to put in something and regret it. There isn’t one thing that I regret about what we put in. It’s exactly as it should be in this house.”

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