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Rooms You Can Call Your Own

Written by Robert Reeder
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

“You don’t need decoration. You need an exquisite collection of furniture, fabrics, art, lighting, and personal effects.“
                                                                                                                                                           — Alessandra Branca

When internationally renowned designer Alessandra Branca says you need an exquisite collection, she is referring to the ability to put your objects together in a way that delights you. We all possess things. These items are representative of our unique lives — travels we have made, experiences we’ve had, and the people we’ve embraced.
    The highest level of interior design is about achieving more by infusing the richness of our lives into the rooms that make our home. Interior design is for everyone and anyone. Incorporating patterns, colors, finishes, upholstery, accessories, and your personal pieces establish style and elegance for spaces you can truly call your own.
How to Do It
There is an art to bringing your exquisite collections together. Understanding your needs, blending styles, selecting the unexpected, introducing architecture, and using symmetry are all techniques that transform a room to a desirable space that charms you and functions beautifully.
The First Impression
Grand or simple, foyers welcome both homeowner and guests to the home each and every day. Their design is a preview of what’s to come. In this traditional Tudor-style entrance, a classic marble floor balances the graceful curvature of the French iron balustrade with classical crown trim. This movement is mirrored with the frieze and applied chair rail and wainscot. The addition of a beaded glass chandelier and a damask printed wall covering encompasses the majesty of this space.
Rooms that Refresh
Use nature as your design portfolio to create a space that invites and refreshes, organically. think indoor retreats, solariums, and sunrooms.
    Indoor Retreat. With a wall of windows transforming outdoor scenery into an art gallery this soothing room is perfect for reading a book or relaxing. Selections of nature-inspired art from the owner’s personal collection and small details, such as the twig-like floor lamp, bring refined elegance to natural elements.
    Eclectic Harmony. You can achieve balance by mixing traditional and clean elements. Designer dining table and chairs and the Italian imported vitrine exemplify this unity of contrasts. The additional quatrefoil ceiling and trim, custom area rug, gray silk wall covering, and selection of accessories along with the owner’s balloon chandelier are supporting elements.
    Fireplace Focal Point. Whether designed intentionally for a room, or already existing, a fireplace can serve as the central design element. The meticulous selection of curated furniture, lighting, and artwork positioned around the interior-designed fireplace is what defines this breathtaking room.
All About You
Within your rooms, find opportunities to create compositions of your life. American author, clothing designer, artist, and actress, Gloria Vanderbilt, says that design is a form of an autobiography. Think of interior design as your life expressed beautifully and purposefully. And that is ultimately what creates the rooms you can call your own. 



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“You don’t need decoration. You need an exquisite collection of furniture, fabrics, art, lighting, and personal effects.“