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Performance Showering Customization at Every Investment Level

Written by Mark March
Imagery by Photography Courtesy of Visionary Baths and More

A continuing trend in new home construction and bathroom remodeling is customized showers for your home. Homeowners are choosing these affordable options that offer luxury and increase the value of their property. Additionally, the benefits of a custom showering experience are both physical and psychological. Installations of performance showering systems are not over-whelmingly complex, but using a professional, licensed plumber is always the best path to take.

Performance showering may consist of a simple new shower head, or include multiple units such as body sprays, rain heads, and hand-held shower heads that turn on all at once. The performance showering category and product offering continues to expand. With a multitude of finishes such as Brushed Nickel, Vibrant Stainless, or Venetian Gold, the look and style of your shower will not be compromised.  Showering systems can be easily installed whether your shower is stone, acrylic or tile. 

From a technology standpoint, performance showering systems now incorporate wireless speakers with the ability to sync to your music source, lighting systems that can be set to your mood, and hydrotherapy effects that target specific areas of your body for better health.  Music, lighting, and the therapeutic effects of it all, contribute to a healthy outlook making you feel refreshed, energized and massaged. Many systems now have timers on them so you can start your shower or steam unit ahead of time, have remote controls that operate from another room, and have presets that customize temperatures and water volume for each user. 

Make sure to take into consideration the following:
1) Your water supply – many custom showers may have as much as 15 gallons of water per minute which will drain a traditional hot water heater in a matter a minutes. 
2) Permits – many municipalities require filing permits to do certain types of improvements to your home.
3) Selection – utilize a reputable supplier that can demonstrate working shower systems on site, and explain the features and benefits of all the different options available.
4) The contractor – choose the right one – ask for references; ensure he or she is qualified and experienced; has the appropriate level of insurance; and is licensed in your community.

Whether you are starting your day or want to end a stressful one, a customized shower will increase your quality of life, increase the value of your home, and just make you feel better.

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