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The New Smart

Written by SHawn P. Lemay
Imagery by Sound & Theater

At the office, on vacation, or pulling into your driveway – technological advances in smart homes are offering ultimate peace of mind and lifestyle comfort. With the right technology, you can literally take control of every feature in your house from anywhere!
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Monitor, control, and receive alerts regarding your home’s temperature and humidity, all from a remote location with your smart device. Gone are the days of keeping the thermostat constantly high to prevent pipes from freezing. Now you save money and come home to a perfect temperature. Receive an alert when the house falls below or above a certain temperature then simply log into your home’s account and adjust it remotely!
Door Security
Your home’s entryways have become door security stations. A camera built into the doorbell lets you see who is at the door from your smart device’s screen. You’ll also receive emails with images of who rings the doorbell. You can even converse with an individual who won’t know if you’re home, at the office, or in another country.
    Electronic door locks now accommodate hundreds of codes. Enable and disable codes remotely or assign specific codes to individuals for certain time periods. The lock will alert you when an individual enters and departs while the code provides identification. You can even unlock the door for someone from anywhere in the world.
Timed lights have been around for years. But now, you can log into your home using your smart device to turn lights on or off; or get a notification that a light has been turned on when it should normally be off.  Additionally, newer timed lights adjust automatically to follow the atomic clock, adjusting to the changing sunrise and sunset times.
Phantom Occupancy
Your home “records” your use of various technologies (lights, television channels, etc.). While you’re gone, the home plays back that recording to mimic your natural patterns of being home. You can also include automatic variations for even more authenticity.
Flood Prevention
Have you ever worried about coming home to water damage from a small leak
or cracked pipe? Not anymore! Sensors in water appliances (sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines) will automatically turn off the main water line then send you an alert.
Linking Alarms and Garage Doors
With a touch of a button you can tell the house “goodbye” or “good night.” One press and it turns off selected lights, televisions, and backyard music along with arming the alarm and shutting the garage door (if it was left open).
What’s Next?
The technologies described above are all currently on the market. If you’re impressed with these, wait until you see what’s coming! The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a massive conference, attended by 170,000 people, showcasingthe future of technology.
    The 2016 CES revealed an exciting development in communications between your home and car. Imagine this: as you approach your home, your smart car reads your key fob, identifies you, and sets the house for your arrival. The garage door opens, lighting and temperature preferences are automatically adjusted, and your Pandora playlist starts too.
     Welcome to your smart home. Isn’t it nice?    

More Features

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