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Modest ways to INCREASE THE VALUE OF Your Home

Written by Mark March
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

For most, there are positive signs the economy is picking up from the last several years. This is true for our region, with the increase in residential home construction and improvements. We all deal with necessary repairs when a failure occurs with the furnace or hot water heater.  However, now is a great time to consider taking a proactive approach to improving the value of your home with a bathroom makeover.
    The first consideration should always be a budget for your project. The best part is that you decide the level of investment you are willing to make. It is important to distinguish your bathroom makeover as an investment – not an expense. Next to a kitchen, bathrooms are on the short list for home buyer consideration. Typically, most homes have at least one and a half baths, while others have a master bath.  Whether you update the powder room or master bath, the level of investment varies depending on how in-depth the project. Either way, your investment will provide a financial return if you are selling your home, or give you the intangible joy of an updated space.
    Simply removing that old shower curtain for a frameless, floating glass shower door could totally change the look of your bathroom. Maybe just replacing your faucet and matching accessories such as robe hooks, towel bars and trim is all that is needed to give your space a new feel. Often times, it is the little things that make a big difference. 
    It is always a good idea to take some photos and measurements of your existing bathroom to help professionals during initial consultations. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You will also have before and after photos that will amaze you when you compare the room where you started, to your beautifully finished bathroom.
    There are so many resources available for selecting products from professionals who specialize in bathroom makeovers. Consider design centers which offer many display options so you can visualize your space. Whether you are spending $1,000 or $10,000, there are countless options available that add value to your home and a return on investment

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