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Mixing It Up Mixing Finishes and Styles in the Bathroom

Written by Samantha Ferris, Buffalo Plumbing Showroom
Imagery by Buffalo Plumbing Showroom

There are so many exciting things happening in the bathroom industry. Not only has modern technology changed the way you utilize your bathroom, new styles like the modern farmhouse and industrial chic have changed the way we style them as well.
    Along with these fun styles are exciting new finishes that inspire the courage to MIX IT UP. It is not an unwritten rule that all of your metals need to match. Matchy-matchy is out and eye-catching pairings of metal
and materials are in!
    Matte black is chic; it is modern and it can also have a classic wrought iron look.  It can be beautifully paired with chrome for a classic look, exactly like in photo 1. The Brizo Rook in matte black and luxe nickel is paired beautifully with brushed stainless lighting, cabinet hardware and accessories to create the perfect pop against this bathroom’s dreamy farmhouse feel.
    Traditionally, polished nickel is more of a classic finish; but now, it is being used in modern designs. It is being used beautifully, for example,
in photo 3. The Brizo Charlotte collection is used in the shower and the wall mount lavatory faucets. With modern tile designs, an eye-catching copper tub and a unique chandelier, the polished nickel finish looks elegant but sleek and contemporary.
    Another new finish that everyone is excited about is Rose Gold by Kohler. Photo 2 is a beautiful representation of the Purist collection in rose gold. Against a weathered and rustic backdrop, the eye-catching rose gold faucetry, and the neutral and natural materials used throughout the bathroom, invite you into a beautiful combination of nature and modern luxury.
    Too scared to jump on trend with a new finish? That’s okay! You can always add one pop of color to become the focal point in your bathroom.
A lavatory faucet is an easy to install, rather budget friendly change, which could be just enough to change the entire feel of your space.
    Whether you want to take baby steps or go out on a limb and reinvent your entire space with exciting new finishes and styles, the professionals at the Buffalo Plumbing Showroom are ready to assist you. You can expect expert design help from our staff interior designers, and customer service that can’t be beat. Stop in and see us today. Together, we will create the space you’ve been dreaming of! 

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