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A Masterful Tranquil Retreat

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

We all have that one spot in the master bedroom. That place where clothes get dropped and knickknacks accumulate. Donna Littlefield, realtor and homeowner, had the better part of her entire bedroom become the clutter catch-all.
    You’d never know it to look at the bedroom today. One year ago, the space was transformed from a jumbled source of stress to a masterful tranquil retreat.

Lack of Design is a Vacuum for Chaos
“When we redid the house, we squared up the home’s footprint to the second level and the bedroom ended up being super huge. I regretted making the room that big. It didn’t make sense. It became a place to just collect stuff. It was irritating to look at,” says Littlefield.
    The master bedroom’s negativity spilled into Littlefield’s overall living experience. She and her husband had purchased the house because they loved the land. They put in a pool and enjoyed the beautiful views. Except not from the bedroom. The cavernous room had a fireplace that was never used, and the curtains were always drawn. She couldn’t relax in that space and even sleeping was tinged with a daily dose of annoyance. She lived with it that way for 18 years.

Room is Realized
Littlefield decided enough was enough. “I’m a real estate agent. I can stage, but it’s difficult to work with a new space. I’m not a designer. I brought in professionals,” she says.
    It started with the closet. Littlefield asked Kim Bartley of California Closets to redo it. Bartley looked at the room and Littlefield’s exasperation with it and connected her to Michael Michalski, VP of Design Services for Ethan Allen of Western New York. As the team’s point person, he was given free rein to create a tranquil sanctuary out of discordant space. Ethan Allen has working partnerships with a number of high quality service providers: California Closets, M P Caroll Hardwood, and Homestone Tile Gallery … all of which contributed to the project.
    “The collaboration was really the reason we were able to network this project and solve Donna’s space. Using local businesses and our strengths together allowed us to coordinate a deliberate vision that captured how Donna and her husband originally dreamed of using that space,” says Michalski.
    “I said, ‘just do it,’ and they did!” exclaims Littlefield. “They took care of everything. Even the pictures, lamps, and bedding.”
    To establish a calming feel, Michalski used colors that were softer and lighter in tone — grays, taupe and mushroom creams. Interest and layers came from a variety of textures and different types of fabrics. The room
is a landscape of crisp cotton blends, damasks, and beautiful woven pieces with a geometric pattern. An area rug softens the heart of the space allowing the elegance of M P Caroll Hardwood’s floor to show around the perimeter.
    “The lighter tones in the fabric with subtle pattern mixtures provided the foundation. The depth of color of the wood pieces played off the floor tone,” says Michalski.
    The room’s layout is diverse. A sitting area comprised of a sofa, cocktail ottoman and a pair of chairs is positioned around the fireplace. There is also a treadmill and a little writing desk for small tasks. Near the bathroom is a starburst mirror and a dresser for storage.

A Space Rediscovered
Today, the master bedroom has become a masterpiece. It’s where Littlefield wants to go at the end of each day. She no longer regrets the size. In fact, it’s her favorite place in the house. She sleeps better. The window shades are up and she wakes up joyous with the view.
    “I love my house more,” says Littlefield. Those words say it all.

California Closets  
M P Caroll Hardwood 
Ethan Allen of Western New York

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