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A Luxury Shower for Every Budget

Written by Kayla Alba
Imagery by Buffalo Plumbng Showroom

Finally ... You’re renovating your bathroom from the 90s. Sure, it’s easy to pick out a new faucet, but then what? Suddenly the Pinterest boards are overflowing and you’re lost because your dream shower overlooks the ocean in Tahiti. So, can you get a custom shower on a Lake Erie budget? Of course! Starting from scratch gives you the ability to build a shower you’d be excited for every day.
    With any custom shower, you have to start with the basics. Obviously, a showerhead with good pressure is a must. It can be a single function, multifunction or even handheld. A nice handheld on a slide bar can replace
a stationary showerhead for the best of both worlds; or, used in addition to a rain shower showerhead. On top of being highly versatile while showering, handhelds
also make cleaning a breeze!
    Have a tub/shower set up? Handhelds can still be added on, but if the look is too crowded, try a two-in-one! Two-in-one showerheads are also a great retrofit option because they simply mount to the existing
shower arm.
    Many hotels are beginning to install custom showers for their guests. Some even add body sprays, but are they right for you? Body sprays are a great added touch to keep you warm and relaxed. Selection is all based on personal preference, whether you want a soft soothing spray, a targeted massage or something in between.
    Once selections are made, how do you make it work? The options are fairly standard no matter which manufacturer you use. The most basic is a pressure balance valve. This turns the water on
and off from cold to hot.
    One step above that is adding volume control. Having separate volume and temperature control adds more versatility to how you use your shower or tub. If you have more than one showerhead, either option would require a diverter valve to control where the water is coming out. If there is a lot going on in the shower, you may need to go thermostatic. Thermostatic showers have one main valve to set the exact temperature, and separate volume controls for each function. Finally, for all the techy people out there: digital showering! One control panel is used to program temperature, volume and combination. This is by far the sleekest and most versatile.
    No matter what you choose, your custom shower is always going to be just right for you!

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