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LAKESIDE perfection

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

What is a perfect home?
Architecture and construction should fit naturally into the topography while offering beautiful views. The floor plan should enhance the homeowners’ lifestyle by helping them do more of what they love. Décor and furniture must capture the heart and contribute to the joy of simply being home. One particular Canandaigua lakeside house embodies this achievement.
    The homeowners attained perfection in their waterfront home through their team of service providers whose collaborative nature and experiences led to all the correct design decisions. As the architect, Jim Fahy of Jim Fahy Design had an initial meeting with the homeowners where they filled out a multi-sheet survey. Fahy then put a sketch together that the homeowners describe as “totally on target.” Fahy remarks, “It was uncanny how little changed from that first sketch. It was a total home run. The homeowners were helpful with direct and informative answers and I listened intently.”
    The homeowners asked for a home that felt warm and relaxed with comfortable daily living. After listening carefully to their descriptions of how they wanted to use each room and the views they wanted from each section of the house, Fahy developed a floor plan that he describes as “human-scaled.” He explains, “There are no large, ostentatious spaces. Plus, people live on the lake for the views.
Covered porches are important.”
    Fahy kept the porches at the one story height. Ceilings are about 11 feet tall; comfortable but not expansive. Unrestrained space is found in the lake and sky views, which are accentuated from the home’s angled position. Treatments such as coffered ceilings, crown molding, and transom glass enhance the interior design. The floor plan works so well because it’s integrated into the property instead of fighting it. The lot is sloped with a considerable elevation.
The main level takes advantage of this feature. It’s actually a second floor over a portion of the lower level. Both levels boast a river rock fireplace inspired by the colors unearthed in the stones found outside.
    The homeowners had the ideal builders on their team making Fahy’s excellent architecture a reality. Danrich Homes specializes in difficult building sites. They grabbed opportunities as they arose during the building process. For example, an 18-inch I-beam ran across the lower level. It was an eyesore in what was otherwise a beautifully finished space. Danrich Homes created a stunning, coffered ceiling that completely hides the beam and duct work. 
    Fahy and Danrich provided many notable elements. There is a turret roof over the dining area. A graceful wraparound porch joins with a screened porch that connects to the kitchen with folding French doors creating a natural expansion of kitchen space. True to the home’s traditional New England spirit, Danrich made tongue and groove boards perpendicular to the house for an older styled porch. “It’s the little things that give it character and make it a nicer home,” says Dan Catone, owner of Danrich Homes.    
    The interior design is also a seamless fit. The homeowner says, “Laurie Harden of Harden Furniture understood us immediately!” Colors and furniture are inspired by the lake and trees but stay away from the typical waterfront nautical theme. Plantation shutters in the bedroom and the custom walnut kitchen table work well with furniture details such as a navy blue ottoman with pewter tacks, contrast piping on the couch, and rockers outside the living room. The kitchen and bathrooms were designed by Lorin Frye of Willow Grove Design. She gave the homeowners a kitchen flow that was exactly what they pictured. White cabinetry, soapstone counters and a surprising blue island capture a classic, timeless look.    
    “The whole project was fun. We had such good, talented people involved,” recalls the homeowner. Certainly a recipe for perfection.

Danrich Homes  
James Fahy Design   
ArtWalk Tile   
Premier Custom Works/LME, INC.  
Ted Collins Tree & Landscape  
Willow Grove Design, Inc.  

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