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Kitchen Trends


Makeovers and renovations involve more than just sweat and sledgehammers. When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, there are endless options to consider. Homeowners, designers, flippers and others must keep current industry trends in mind when creating new kitchens that can stand the test of time.

Kitchen Trends for 2019
While planning your kitchen makeover, keep this list of trends in mind:

Integrated appliances are a neat freak’s saving grace. Avoid the bothersome edges of freestanding appliances by installing built-in refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers that fit in seamlessly with your beautiful new cabinets.

• Dark kitchens and matte finishes are on the rise and the bright, glossy surfaces of older appliances have fallen out of favor. Replace outdated appliances with contemporary, matte black ones to add class and contrast to your kitchen.

• Pendant lighting is increasingly popular in designer kitchens. Recessed lighting is still useful for streamlined appearances, but pendant lights can act as your kitchen’s jewelry, becoming unique statement pieces that friends and family can gather around, talk about and be inspired by.

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