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For an interior that blooms

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Istock

Fowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and  medicine for the soul,” said renowned American botanist Luther Burbank. Burbank was ahead of his time.
    Studies have shown that flowers in the home can make people feel better, strengthen their sense of compassion, foster creativity, and provide an energy boost.
    With benefits like that, why not make flower arrangements a regular part of your interior décor? Cathy McGovern, owner of Trillium’s Courtyard Florist, regularly fills her clients’ homes with fresh cut arrangements. She shares her expert recommendations.
placement.Many places are ideal for a fresh burst of flowers and greenery. An entry foyer, the dining room, and the kitchen area are popular spots. McGovern advocates that a homeowner select any area they see regularly. That may mean a commonly used side entrance or even a home office.
scale.“Fill the space appropriately,” advises McGovern. For high ceilings, select a tall container with branches, leaves and stemmed flowers to fill the air. For dining tables, take care not to visually block people. One option: raised containers that place the flowers higher than everyone’s head for drama and an impactful statement. Complement them with smaller arrangements along the table.
seasonality.Flowers are a living organism and connecting with seasonal change lets you bring nature’s rhythm indoors. Think flowering branches for spring, pine and amaryllis for the holidays. Plus, staying in season means using the freshest and most widely available flowers.
color considerations.Is your home’s color scheme monochromatic? Experiment with bursts of color! If your home is already colorful, flowers can highlight certain tones or shades.
    “Don’t overlook simplicity. A spray of orchids in a vase by itself will last for a month and makes a lovely focal point. Or consider flowering bulbs,” says McGovern.
containers.McGovern asks her clients to look around their home and see what they have, but don’t use. A pretty casserole dish provides a unique presentation for bulbs. An assortment of glass containers, teacups, or small clay pots from the outdoors (McGovern says to leave the moss and water deposits for added interest) all make for conversation-worthy flower displays.
    Whatever your home style, fresh flowers will make it better! 

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