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A Finger Lakes Classic Reborn

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Don Cochran

Amidst the Finger Lakes’ Cape Cods, mountain lodges, and Tuscan villas, there is at least one home that represents the authentic sense of place harbored within the folds of pastoral hills and lakeside shores. Instead of re-creating styles from afar, it delivers a dignified local statement. And with it, a remarkable outdoor living space replete with definitive style, steadfast elegance, and luxury features.

That was Then
When the homeowners purchased the fatigued, old home they were charmed by its spectacular lakefront property. But the nineteenth century estate was a wistful relic of forgotten times.
    Captivated by its originality, they responded with a massive remodeling, redecorating, and refurbishing project all within the confines of the home’s historic sensitivities. 
    “Everything we did reflects the home’s nostalgia,” says Frank Page, owner of Cutri Construction. “With embellishments,” he adds.

This is Now
Within the original home’s footprint, the interior was gutted including a remodeled kitchen. Outside, the dilapidated porte-cochere was reconstructed giving updated functionality to a driveway that most certainly accommodated horses and buggies years ago. The original stone foundation was saved and its handsome looks are carried throughout the lavish backyard elements.
    A side entryway connects the original home to a brand new 1,500-square-foot wing over a four-bay garage. The design is seamless. Even the addition’s harlequin windows are indistinguishable from the home’s originals, including a faux ripple effect mimicking leaded glass. Step through this entryway into the backyard and you’ll find magic.
    It starts with an expansive surface of split face, granite cobblestone that spreads continuously through the covered porch, pergola, cabana, and pool area.
    In terms of structures, the rickety porchand its upper deck (servicing the master bedroom) were entirely rebuilt. The enclosed porch with removable screens is embellished with a design element in the form of concentric squares.
    The pergola provides outdoor seating and shade. Wicker patterned furniture and a porch swing reminisce of slower-paced days of old but they do it with the sleek lines and muted colors of modern design.

Aqueous Oasis
Loaded with water features, the backyard view is dominated by the lake, green space and mature trees. An in ground, tiled spa sits just outside the enclosed porch. Then there is the pool.
    Equal parts water feature, artistic element, and source of recreation, the pool visually connects the lake to the backyard. Two flared fire and water woks flank the pool’s vanishing edge. The pool’s darker finish makes it appear as an extension of the lake. A row of 12-inch tiles rims its outer edge and deck jets shoot water to the pool’s center in graceful arcs. Viewed from the lake, the vanishing edge is a waterfall spilling down a rock wall that perfectly matches the porte-cochere’s foundation.
    Bob Ponosny, Sales and Design, with Beauty Pools explains, “The pool has a classic look with modern touches. All the water features can be controlled with an app on a smart phone.”

Every luxury outdoor oasis needs a place for refreshment. The cabana fills this role. Indulgent features include a slab of quartz sandstone with woodgrain bar counter and all the goods – sink, dishwasher, range, and wine cooler. The stone fireplace and bar foundation carry that of the porte-cochere. An eyebrow roofline detail nods to the home’s old-timey origins.
    All in all, it’s a perfect spot to sip your refreshment while taking in the gracious surroundings echoing with the refined spirit of the Finger Lakes’ gentry, both old and new. 

Beauty Pools Inc.   
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Cutri Construction  
Orville’s Appliances & Mattresses   

More Features

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