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Embracing Technology in your home

Written by Mark March, Plumbing Products Manager, Irr Supply Centers, Inc.
Imagery by Mark March

Chances are you own a smart phone, and odds are even better that you couldn’t live without it.  Technology makes our lives better. And technology is improving our lives inside our homes. If your doorbell rings, it can activate a camera that will display the image of your visitor across your television. You can set the thermostat for your home over your cell phone sitting hundreds of miles away while you are on vacation. Similar types of technological advances are now commonplace within your bath and kitchen space. 
    Have you ever had your hands dirty and didn’t want to touch the kitchen faucet? Most quality manufacturers now have touchless technology to turn your faucet on and off. Just wave your hand by the faucet and water will dispense. Nudge the spout with your elbow and the faucet will stop. Some faucets will know the difference between grabbing the spout to move it to the other section of the sink and touching it to turn the faucet off.  They also have indicator lights to show you the current water temperature.  This feature recently helped a customer who suffered from short-term memory loss when she could not remember that she turned the faucet on (it has an automatic shut-off feature) and at what temperature. For this customer, it was a safety feature, not a convenience feature, that improved her life.
    In the bath, your showerhead can produce great sounding music that is streamed wirelessly. Even your toilet can be flushed without touching the flush handle. Either purchased new or with a very easy-to-install retrofit kit, your home can have a touchless operated toilet that will dramatically decrease germ transfer. 
    Technology improvements are everywhere, and many of us “have an app for that.” When updating plumbing fixtures or faucets in your home, consider products that seamlessly improve comfort, security, and graceful living.

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