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Creating Your Personal Resort

Written by Bob Ponosny of Beauty Pools inc.
Imagery by Beauty Pools inc.

Many Western New Yorkers have discovered the comfort and convenience of turning their own backyard into a personal resort. Not having to pack up for that quick summer getaway or even pack for a trip down the road to the club is a luxury in itself. That’s because no place has more conveniences than home.
    The question most ponder is how to start the process of transforming their yard. The correct answer is to always start with an experienced team that can offer guidance and will ensure proper construction. This team should consist of a landscape architect, pool contractor, landscaper, fence contractor and often a building contractor.
    A qualified landscape architect should be able to come up with a good overall plan after listening to what your ideas are. Often the pool contractor is involved at the very beginning for their input on pool design and functionality. These two professionals will educate you about all the design options that will make your yard flow and keep maintenance to a minimum. If a cabana is desired, the builder or the architect will help you come up with a pleasing design to suit your needs.
    Once all the major construction is complete, it is time for the landscaper and fence contractor to put the finishing touches on the project.
    When transforming your backyard into your own personal paradise, you should not assume that it is an overnight process. Depending on the magnitude of what is taking place, it could be a summer-long process. However, when all is said and done, you’ll find that it was worth the wait.  

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For years, people have filled their homes with plants — umbrella plants, African violets, all kinds of plants, big and small.

Vertical gardens have long been incorporated into landscapes for their spatial aesthetics and architectural design applications.

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has fueled creativity and innovation in the furniture and accessories responsible for defining these alfresco environments.

Ever wonder how the yard of a neighbor or friend is transformed from a blank slate into an enviable resort-like setting? How do you start the process? Where do you turn?

“You don’t need decoration. You need an exquisite collection of furniture, fabrics, art, lighting, and personal effects.“