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Automatic Comfort

Written by Shawn P. Lemay, Owner, Sound & Theater
Imagery by Sound & Theater

Your home is your haven; a refuge from the increasingly chaotic pace and noisy environments that define our lives. More than ever homeowners are designing their homes to encourage a sense of coziness, provide spaces for togetherness, and improve overall well-being. You may be surprised to learn that home automation plays a large role in turning your home into a space of cozy comfort!
Calm Appearances
A room’s visual cues – blinking lights, alerts, control panels, and screens – all compete for your attention. If ever there was a definition of calm and comfort, this is the exact opposite. Instead of shunning technology, use it to hide it. Tablets can control lighting and music. Televisions can be discreetly hidden.
    There are models that drop down from the ceiling or hide behind your artwork. Samsung even released a television that becomes artwork when not in use.
Healthful Illumination
Home automation can establish an environment based on your schedule. Consider this: Lighting and music establishes a relaxed, dining space to enjoy alone or with family and friends. After dinner, a softly lit reading nook invites you to cozy up with a book instead of your phone.  
    Today, advanced technology with circadian rhythm lighting self-adjusts through the day and seasons to provide the lighting wavelengths that are healthiest for your body. Think warm and gentle in the morning and night and brighter during the day. It even maximizes natural lighting for energy efficiency. No effort required!
In addition to lighting and music, your smart home can prep your favorite spaces for your arrival home from work. Perhaps you want the house to be heated and playing soft music as you walk in the door. When your partner gets home, the hot tub is automatically primed and waiting at a perfect 100 degrees with Miles Davis playing outdoors. Family Time Did you know a smart home can help your family unplug? Consider scheduling a regular weekend  “family time” when the lights soften and the internet is automatically disabled for a few hours signaling that it is time for everyone to connect to each other.
Peace of Mind
Relaxation comes easier when you have total peace of mind. Home security systems monitor locks and alarms, so you don’t have to. It’s just another way that home automation helps your home nourish your soul with comforting spaces that soothe away the frenetic demands of modern society. 

Shawn P. Lemay is the owner of Sound & Theater, established in 2001. He is recognized in the region for his expertise in the areas of audio/video, home theater, security, commercial installations.

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