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Advantages of Gunite Swimming Pools

Written by Bob Ponosny
Imagery by Courtesy of Beauty Pools

There are many benefits to owning a pool; and making the decision to have one installed in your yard is the easy part. Determining the type of pool to install is a little more difficult. My recommendation is gunite. You ask why? A gunite pool is the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and customizable of all pools.
   Have you ever wondered why gunite pools are the choice for hotel and resort pools in both northern and southern climates? Engineers and architects who spec out these pools choose gunite based on its longevity, durability and beauty. By using gunite, they can design a pool to any size, shape or depth. They are not confined to the restrictions that other pools have.
   So what is a gunite pool? The main structure of a gunite pool is the shell, a rebar reinforced cage that is sprayed over with an air-impacted concrete mixture. Due to the application of this product, the strength of the shell is much greater than what is achieved with a regular concrete pour. When this monolithic shell is completed, it is usually about 10 to 12 inches thick; a structure that will last lifetimes and will have that guarantee to go with it.
   Once the shell is complete, a decorative tile is installed around the top edge of your pool at the waterline. Then a patio space to your liking and needs can be installed around the pool’s perimeter. Finally, a plaster finish is troweled over the gunite to give your pool a beautiful, smooth, but not slippery, finish.
   A gunite pool is always the most concrete choice.

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