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6 New Hi-Tech Plumbing Innovations Coming to a Kitchen or Bathroom Near You

Written by Suzanne Pulk
Imagery by Buffalo Plumbing Showroom

1) It’s Raining Music! The Moxie® Showerhead by Kohler®
Kohler has taken two everyday items – a showerhead and a speaker – and ingeniously combined them to give you the Moxie. Those guilty of singing in the shower will particularly enjoy this wonderful gadget, but it also will appeal to anyone wanting to listen to a podcast or keep on top of news, traffic, and weather. The simple, minimal design consists of a small, conical shaped waterproof 1.5W Bluetooth speaker, magnetically docked in the center of
a sleek 60-nozzle showerhead. It provides up to seven hours of tunes before an LED indicator lets you know it needs a recharge.

2) Blue® Chilled and Sparkling Faucet from Grohe® – How Do You Like Your Water?
Still or sparkling? Make your own fresh filtered, chilled, and carbonated water right at your kitchen sink and forget about lugging heavy bottles home from the store. Great-tasting water to suit everyone’s taste, be it regular filtered, lightly sparkling, or fully carbonated, comes directly from this contemporary-styled faucet conceived by Grohe. Twist a three-step handle that is effortless to use, and a colored LED displays your choice.

3) Hands-Free and Handy – The Moen® MotionSense® Collection of Kitchen Faucets
The whole family will fall in love with the convenience and ease of use of the MotionSense kitchen faucet. A simple wave of the hand over the faucet activates the flow of water, another wave shuts it off. Users rate this faucet high for simplicity of installation, quality, good looks, water spot resistant finish, durability, and smooth operation. A good choice of styles and finishes is available to coordinate with the look of any kitchen.

4) Kohler’s VibrAcoustic® Bath is Like a Concert in Your Tub
Complete body relaxation is the goal of the unique multi-dimensional VibrAcoustic experience. As you bathe, you hear the music above the water, and feel the music’s vibration below the water as the tub’s six transducers broadcast sound waves that travel through the water and gently resound in your body. Chromatherapy lighting is synchronized to the beat, producing a myriad of color combinations and patterns.

5) Touch2O® Kitchen and Lav Faucets by Delta® – Cleanliness, Convenience, and Conservation
Turn the water on or off with a light touch anywhere on the spout or handle. These faucets eliminate unintentionally turning on the water as can sometimes happen with a motion-activated faucet. They are available in a wide range of styles and finishes for kitchen, bar and prep, and lavatory faucets.

6) Speed Through Prep and Cleanup with Kohler’s Sensate™ Kitchen Faucet
Equipped with touchless functionality, the Sensate offers truly intuitive use. An activation area is placed strategically on the underside of the spout, so it feels perfectly natural to wave your hand, cup, pan, or kitchen utensil right where the water will flow from the faucet. It’s design and technology was awarded not only “Best Kitchen or Bath Product” at the International Builders’ Show in 2013, but also “Overall Best in Show.”

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